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Single Lady Cookie-28
from Top with cinnamon

1. I just discovered this blog, and it's amazing! She is really talented. She makes great photo's, great recipes and she writes great.

2. I really love these shoes!

3. I don't really wear dresses, but if I would I'd buy all my dresses here!

4. I'm obsessed with s'mores, and this would be a really good idea for a dessert buffet!

5. I still have some candy canes left over from christmas, and I'm gonna turn them into these mousses, I think they'd be delicious!

6. This blog really is too beautiful! The photos, recipes, little videos! It's really beautiful.

7. How to make your own cotton candy. I never really thought of making that, but I really want to make it now!

8. These caramel brownie tarts seem really easy to make! If I don't have a lot of time but do have to make something, I'll try these!


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