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Vanilla Madeleines
Vanilla Bean Madeleines, from Completely Delicious

1. I loooovvvee madeleines! I made chocolate ones before, and I really want to make these vanilla bean madeleines too!
2. Did you ever make homemade almond milk? No? Me neither, but I would love to try it!
3. So, last week I made these Pain au Chocolat Cinnamon Rolls, and I loved them! They're the perfect mix of pain au chocolat and cinnamon rolls, and totally breakfastfood!
4.  Yaaay! Over-the-top snickers profiteroles! Ahhh-mazing!
5. Anndddd..... I've finally bought Doc Martens!! Black ones with flowers, I love 'em!
6. These cinnamon rolls look a bit more difficult then normal cinnamon rolls, but o my, I sooo want to make them!
7. And sometimes a vanilla muffin is exactly what you need after all that chocolate and spices!

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